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Donovan Kanani Cabebe respect restore revitalize culture ʻāina economy

Respect culture – Restore `aina – Revitalize local economy

The core foundation of our campaign are:

  • RESPECT for each other and the wisdom of our island’s host culture

  • RESTORE ‘Aina, the health, wealth and vitality of our island home

  • REVITALIZE Kauai County and our local economy from the bottom up

Ua Mau ke Ea o ka ‘Āina i ka Pono

Council Districts

By adopting residency districts for voters and candidates for Kaua’i County Council, and seating an equal number of council members from each district we ensure all parts of the island community have an equal number seats at the table when decisions are being made for the good of the whole.

  • approve existing state legislative districts 14, 15, 16
  • district residency requirements for all voters & candidates
  • 3 seats each from 3 districts = 9 council members total


Cabebe Can Open the doors of opportunity for Kauaians in government and economic advancement.


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