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Donovan Kanani Cabebe

Aloha kākou. ʻO wau o Donovan Kanani Cabebe koʻu inoa, no Wā Oʻahu mai Wahiawa au, noho au ma Kilauea Kauai.

Aloha! My name is Donovan Kanani Cabebe. I was born in Wahiawa on Oʻahu, and currently reside in Kilauea. I 

  My background is almost as varied as the islands themselves. I am proudly Filipino, Hawaiian, and Irish in my ancestry. I spent my hanabata days on Big Island, my teen years in California, traveled the world as a professional chef and a Stagehand. I had the good fortune to return to the islands in 2003 and am a full-time resident; I co-parent three lovely keiki ages 13, 9, and 6.

I have been a small business owner since 2009, serving our community as an event manager, DJ, Wedding officiant, and chef. I have worked in the non-profit sector as an advocate for the rights of Native peoples, Land, water and environmental protection, Protecting our Keiki, The perpetuation and security of the Hawaiian’s cultural practices, better education of our keiki, clean food production, equitable access to land and natural resources, the health and wealth of our community, Always promoting the value and importance of indigenous wisdom and knowledge as well as connection to place. I will continue to work in this capacity and have a strong desire to hear your needs and concerns of the greater community and to work with you to address your concerns. I will continue to develop and expand strong relationships with other lawmakers. To create just, reliable, fair, and logical laws. That protects our environment and supports our collective concerns bringing more robust social and economic stability to Kauai.  

We who live on Kauaʻi & Niʻihau are genuinely blessed — “Lucky we Live Kauaʻi!” — but with this blessing comes responsibilities, Kuleana — to each other and to these islands we call home. 

   I am hope to inspire decisive community action.

The core of our foundation :

  • RESPECT for each other and the wisdom of our island’s host culture
  • RESTORE ‘Aina, the health, wealth and vitality of our island home
  • REVITALIZE Kauai County and our local economy from the bottom up


Strengthen our community through outreach, advocacy, and education, creating new systems that are just, equitable, and sustainable. Inspire and activate individuals to engage in local politics. 

Support the work of individuals, groups, and organizations; committed to social and environmental justice. Work to create robust clean, sustainable, and regenerative food production. Diversify our local economy. 

Promote the value and importance of indigenous wisdom, knowledge, and connection to place. Preserve Hawaii’s traditions, cultural practices, and sacred sites.

Cabebe Can Open the doors of opportunity for Kauaians in government and economic advancement.


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